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CNC Turning

CNC Turning Services

Order low-cost, precision CNC machined parts from a network of manufacturer across America,China,Europe & India.
  • DHL.FEDEX.UPS. TNT shipping as fast as 3 days worldwide delivery.
  • Prototypes can be processed in as little as 1 day.
  • Tolerances down to +-0.001mm.
  • ISO 9001:2015, CE:SHBST100665461231
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CNC Turning Overview (Custom CNC Turning Services Company)

CNC turning is a machining process that can fabricate accurate parts from digital files with high accuracy and repeatability. CNCJY.COM is a professional supplier of CNC turning services and an experienced manufacturer of CNC turning parts. From design to production to delivery, we are equipped with a number of lathes and turning machines, as well as precise measuring equipment to ensure the quality and performance of each custom turned part. Our operators can efficiently and accurately handle the machine tools and complete the turning operations. Skilled engineers at our will guide the whole turned parts manufacturing cycle and take every factor into consideration for optimal results. our works across various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, mechanical, military, and more. Not only CNC turning service, but we also provide follow-on surface finishing and other CNC manufacturing and fabrication solutions. Email us to get a fast, free quote, we can work on both small and large batch orders.

CNC Turning Tolerances & Dimensions

With Swiss lathe machines and CNC turning centers, we can offer precision turned parts with tight tolerances and a wide selection of dimensions to suit your needs.
Linear Dimensions +/- 0.025mm (+/- 0.001 inches)
Hole Diameter (not reamed) +/- 0.025mm (+/- 0.001 inches)
Shaft Diameter +/- 0.025mm (+/- 0.001 inches)
Maximum Part Length 990mm (39 inches)
Maximum Part Diameter 431mm (17 inches)
Maximum Swing on Carriage 350mm (13.7 inches)
Maximum Spindle Through Hole 40mm (1.5 inches)

Surface Finishing & Treatment for CNC Turning

CNCJY is able to apply post-processing and surface finishes that you require to improve properties and your CNC turning parts. Here we list some of the most common ways to finish the turned components and if you want to choose other methods, please contact us.
Surface Finishing & Treatment Description
Anodizing Type II (aluminum, titanium) It adds a corrosion-resistant layer to the part surface.
Anodizing Type III (aluminum, titanium) It adds wear and corrosion-resistant layer, better protection than Type II.
As machined Surface roughness can be specified.
Bead Blast It is mainly used to improve the visual appearance.
Powder Coating It adds a thin layer of protective polymer that enhances wear
Black Oxide (steel) It improves corrosion resistance and reduces light reflection.
Brushing It reduces the surface roughness.
Polishing It is used to get a smooth surface.
Passivation (stainless steel) It increases the rust resistance.

Materials Used for CNC Turning Parts

At our CNC turning factory, we offer over 50 types of machining materials mainly metals and plastics, we’ll choose the best-certified material for your project.
Aluminum 6061 AlMglSiCu A6061 LD30
7075 AlZnMgCu1.5 A7075 LC9
2014 AlCuSiMg A2014 LD10
2024 AlCuMg2 A2024 LY12
5052 AlMglSi0.5 A5052 LD31
6063 ALMg2.5 A6063 LF2
Stainless Steel 304L X2CrNi19-11 SUS304L 022Cr19Ni10
316L X7Cr14 SUS316L 022Cr17Ni12Mo2
301 X5CrNi17-7 SUS301 12Cr17Ni7
304 X5CrNi18-10 SUS304 06Cr19Ni10
416 X12CrS13 SUS416 Y1Cr13
420 X20Cr13 SUS420J1 2Cr13
Brass C22000 CuZn10 C2200 H90
C26000 CuZn30 C2600 H70
C28000 C2800 H62
Copper C10100 OF-Cu C1011 TU2
C11000 E-Cu58 C1100 T2
Mild Steel 1015 C15 S15C 15
1045 C45 S45C 45
1020 C22 S20C 20
Titanium GR2 TP340 TA2
GR5(GR23) TiAl6V4 60 TC4 (TC4ELI)
Plastic PTFE

Best CNC Milling and Turning Services – Top China CNC Turn-Mill Parts & Products Manufacturer

To meet customer requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of manufacturing and design skills in Turn-Milling, Cylindrical & Surface Grinding, jigs & fixtures, Prototypes, and Special Tooling. We can perform work in all materials, including steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum, using the most sophisticated Cad Cam software for programming machinery. To fulfill our commitment to continuous improvement, we have responded to the ever-increasing demands created by modern manufacturing techniques, and ongoing investment in cutting-edge technology has ensured that we are capable of designing and manufacturing a wide range of highly technical products.

Advantages of Our CNC Turn-Milling Services

– Extreme precision. We will provide precise and accurate measurement and production for each product based on customer demands.

– Shorter lead times Cycle times can be reduced by up to 50% with instant quotes and rapid production.

– Excellent Machine Shops. Use a highly vetted and managed global network of the best machine shops.

– Price flexibility. To find the best price, choose between quick and cost-effective options.

– Quality and Reliability. Raw materials were carefully selected, and a strict quality control system was implemented throughout the project, resulting in ISO9001:2015 certification.

About CNC Turn-Milling Compound

Turn-milling is an advanced cutting method that uses a combined motion of milling cutter rotation and workpiece rotation to cut the workpiece and achieve the required shape precision, position accuracy, and surface integrity. Turn-milling compound machining is more than just combining turning and milling into one machine tool; it is also using turn-milling composite motion to complete all types of surface processing, which is necessary for the rapid advancement of CNC technology today. A novel cutting theory and technology.

The features of CNC Turn-Milling Compound

-High rigidity and good precision retention, reduce tooling and labor costs.

-High production efficiency, and convenient operation.

-Tailstock ensures precise turning operations with high feed rates.

-Multi-axis and multi-technology for effective complete machining.

-High overall equipment effectiveness due to fast retooling and large tool magazine.

-Small footprint.

-Solid and rigid machine base.

-Powerful main spindle, high speeds.

-Powerful, multifunctional turning/milling spindle.

-Flexible loading strategy: manual and/or automated with robots.

-Quality management.

The Classification of CNC Turn-Milling Compound

When browsing our Mill-turn machines for sale, keep the type of axis in mind as this can affect your production. We’ll go over some of the various types of axes found on CNC Turn-mill machines.
X-axis The X-axis is the normal lathe cutting axis and refers to movement perpendicular to the stock axis.
Z-axis The Z-axis is a traditional lathe axis. It refers to a movement along the stock’s axis. When drilling holes into the center of the stock, you would use a Z-axis.
C-axis The C-axis involves movement around the stock’s axis. It enables the cutting of slots into a part, resulting in angled walls and curved bottoms.
Y-axis The Y-axis, in conjunction with the C-axis, is used to mill both slots and flat features into a part. A y-axis generates slots that have straight sides and flat bottoms. This axis is only required when the tool must be pulled away from the part’s centerline.

CNC Milling & Turning Capabilities

Machining Processes

Milling, Drilling, Boring, Turning, Threading, Tapping, Knurling, Counterboring, Countersinking, Parting/Cutting, Facing.

Equipment Capabilities

CNC Control Capabilities, Bar Feed, 30,000 RPM, CAD Design Services, CAM Programming, Services (HyperMill), Reverse Engineering.

Additional Services

Mechanical Engraving and Paint Filling, Sand Blasting, Liquid Honing, Flame Polishing, Threaded Insert Installation (Thermal Press), Assembly (Soldering / Gluing), PSA Sheet Cutting & Application, Helicoil Installation, Mechanical Buffing/Polishing, Vibratory Tumbling, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Anodize per MIL-A-8625, Chem-film per MIL-DTL-5541, Screen and Pad Printing, Pad Printing, Fiber Laser Etching and Marking, CO2 Laser Cutting.

Applications of CNC Turning Services and Parts

The CNC turning process is a great way to produce high-precision metal parts for engineering design, also commonly used to make custom turned components for a vast variety of industries.
Electronics Industry

mobile phone housing, earphone housing, camera housing, other electrical device cases, and housing, etc.

Medical Industry

temperature measuring equipment parts, implant parts, ultrasonic equipment, X-ray equipment, tables, panels, etc.

Aerospace Industry

airplane engine parts, transmissions, electrical connectors, landing gear, etc.

Military Industry

tank, helicopter, main rotor, transmission parts, etc.

Marine Industry

deck and pipe fittings, couplings, manifolds, enclosures, anchors, etc.

Agricultural Industry

engine components, gear casing, suspension components, etc.

Automotive Industry

interior panels, wheels, turbochargers, cylinder heads, etc.

Food Industry

spacers, sockets, shafts, valves, pins, sockets, etc.

Mechanical Industry

fasteners, fittings, hydraulic components, machine components, etc.

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