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Black Oxide

What Is Black Oxide

Black oxidation treatment is a common means of chemical surface treatment, it is a conversion coating for ferrous materials, stainless steel, copper and copper based alloys, zinc, powdered metals, and silver solder. The principle is to produce an oxide film on the metal surface to isolate the air and achieve the purpose of rust prevention. Blackening treatment can be adopted when the appearance requirements are not high, and the surface of steel parts can be blackened. Black oxidation treatment refers to a surface coating treatment method commonly used by military knives because it can eliminate reflection.

CNCJY is a professional CNC services company with over 15 years and capable of black oxide surface finishing process, our black oxide services have been working with a wide variety of industries to supply black oxidation parts for military, automotive, electronics, etc. Exceptional quality, high speed, and high precision drive us to grow quickly. Black oxide services at CNCJY will provide the exact details for your custom CNC machined parts with outstanding consistency and demanding tolerances. Feel free to quote us for black oxide finish for CNC machined parts today!

Black Oxide Specification

CNCJY chemical etching service starts with your part drawing or file, we can etch a wide selection of metal materials with different thicknesses, the best engineering drawing is a CAD file and tight tolerances can be discussed.
Colors Black
Texture Smooth, matte black
Materials Steel, Stainless Steel, copper, zinc
Advantages 1. No dimensional changes
2. The finish will not chip, peel, flake, or rub off
3. Reduces light glare (reflection)
4. Can be coated for additional protection
5. Color change resistant to temperature
6. No hydrogen embrittlement
7. No white corrosion
8. Weldable
Applications 1. Hardware tools used in assemblies such as fasteners, cutting tools, gauges, shafts, bearings, springs
2. Electrical components such as cutters, gears for timers and electrical switches, and wire strippers
3. Automotive parts like under the hood fasteners and cans for oil filters
4. Surgical instruments in light-sensitive conditions
5. Gun components and shotgun shell magazines
Process Types Mid temperature, hot black & cold black oxide finish process

Why Choose CNCJY Black Oxide

Strong industry experience and strength

Strong industry experience and strength. The company continues to improve service quality and service level, and has become a service benchmark in the black oxide industry with advanced equipment and mature technology. It has a group of professional engineers and management talents to the integration of pre-sales and after-sales service. It has an experienced and skilled professional team.

Professional black oxide technology

The company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, stable management team and perfect service system, integrating development, design, installation and after-sales service. Introduce the latest technology, ensure the construction quality, give full play to the advantages of science and technology, and save production costs.

Preferential price & high quality

We provide the most affordable prices for black oxide surface finish service. Meet the diversity of market product needs, provide customers with professional and standardized services, combined with customers’ opinions, our professional team will recommend and customize services.

Intimate and exclusive service

Taking customers as the center to create a intimate user experience, founder polishing customer service is online in real time, and specific technical solutions can be made according to various difficult problems encountered by customers. Customer service is online 24 hours a day, no need to wait, just to better serve you!

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