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CNC Machining Polystyrene

Polystyrene CNC Machining Services – Custom Polystyrene & PS Plastic Parts Manufacturer

Polystyrene (PS) is a widely used plastic that can be manufactured using CNC machining processes. Polystyrene is a solid and hard material, it has good clarity, insulating, and cushioning properties, typical uses of PS parts include packaging, containers, bottles, trays, consumer products, electronics, automobile parts, etc. Here at CNCJY, our team of professional and skilled engineers and technicians will be able to provide precision polystyrene CNC machining services and custom polystyrene parts with the help of the latest CNC machines. From polystyrene prototypes to end-use PS plastic components, our PS fabrication will offer the highest quality and efficiency. With years of plastic manufacturing experience, we’ll help you find the best design and material option, and offer custom CNC milling polystyrene parts and CNC turning polystyrene parts that meet or exceed your expectations. If you think PS plastic is your go-to material for your project, welcome to contact us to get a quick, free quote.

Specification of CNC Machining Polystyrene

Polystyrene material can be made into sheet stock, rod stock, or other forms, so it is ideal for CNC machining and cutting, common colors of PS plastic are clear, white, or black, and other colors can also be added. Cutting-edge CNC manufacturing equipment and engineering service enable us to provide precision polystyrene machined parts.
Properties Strength, clarity, excellent moisture barrier, low thermal conductivity, excellent insulation properties, ease of forming, long heat cycle
Applications Appliances, car parts, instrument panels, television housings, food packaging, insulation, medical devices & consumer products, etc.
Machining Processes CNC Milling, CNC Turning
Wall Thickness As low as 0.03”, determined by PS type and ratios of wall thickness to planar dimensions
Maximum Size Determined by machines and complexity of the part
Tolerances As low as 0.010” or determined by the material
Lead Time As fast as 3 days, longer for complex custom parts

PS Plastic Material Properties

Polystyrene is a non-toxic hydrocarbon polymer that is solid at room temperature and can also be made into a foam material. Polystyrene can be a thermoplastic or thermoset material depending on its polymeric arrangement. Pure polystyrene is colorless and hard but can add various colors, it has a relatively low melting point, PS plastic is easy to machine and electrically insulative, and also resistant to water, shock, acids, and bacteria. There are two popular types of solid polystyrene: High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and General-purpose polystyrene (GPPS).

Density Flexural modulus Ultimate tensile strength Impact strength Elongation at Break
0.96 – 1.05g/cm^3 1930 MPa 28 MPa 107 J/m 55%

What are the Common Manufacturing Processes for Polystyrene Plastic?

3D Printing

3D printers produce three-dimensional items directly from CAD models by building material in layers until a complete physical part is generated. These parts can then be removed from the printer and used in other applications.

CNC machining

The removal of material during CNC machining is accomplished by the use of a subtractive process that can involve either a spinning tool and a fixed part or a spinning part with a fixed tool. Milling and turning are two examples of computer-controlled subtractive processes that are included in CNC machining.

Injection molding

Molten thermoplastic material is injected into a mold during the process of injection molding. It is by far the most used method for the production of plastic components in large quantities. The production of very complicated parts is possible using injection molding; however, some geometries will result in a large increase in cost. When it comes to injection molded parts, polystyrene is by far the most common type of plastic utilized. Injection molding can be used to create both solid and foam forms of polystyrene.

Why Choose CNCJY PS CNC Machining Services and Parts

Extensive experiences to help design and fabricate your custom plastic parts

Strict quality tests and inspection throughout every stage of the production process

Latest CNC technology and machines to make PS models, prototypes, or any shapes

A range of services to enable you to get precise products with exact specifications and details

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