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CNC Machining PET

PET Plastic

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a polyester type resin, which is collectively called thermoplastic polyester with PBT. The molecular structure of PET plastic is highly symmetrical, and it has a certain ability of crystal orientation, so it has high film forming property and formability. Pet plastics have good optical properties and weather resistance, and amorphous pet plastics have good optical transparency. In addition, pet plastic has excellent wear resistance, friction resistance, dimensional stability and electrical insulation. PET bottles are widely used because of their high strength, good transparency, non-toxic, impermeability, light weight and high production efficiency. They are the most commonly used plastics in beverage and hard food packaging.

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Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic machining is a good choice due to its high recyclability for a greener alternative to other plastic materials. CNCJY offers best quality, highly accurate and profitable precision PET CNC machined parts, PEEK machined parts and specialty projects. PET plastic machining quality control is the most important part of our business. With 10 years of production to our name, our CNC plastic machining shop is filled with precision experts. Furthermore, a great depth of knowledge when CNC milling and turning PET and the huge variety of other plastic materials available. Submit your request for a cost-free estimate on PET plastic machining right away!

Materials For PET Plastic Machining

Materials for CNC machining in PET include:

6061 aluminum, ABS, acetal, acetal rod, acrylic tube, aluminum, Astari, Black UHMW/HDPE, brass, bronze alloy, carbon filled PEEK, chem cast, clear cast, copolymer, copper, CPVC, Delrin, extruded material, food grade nylon, glass filled PEEK, glass filled Nylon, glass filled PPO, glass filled UHMW, graphite polyimide, HDPE, high density materials, homopolymer, Kynow, LDPE, Lexan, Makrolon, marine grade HDPE, nylon, PCTFE, PEEK, PEEK rod, PET, PlexG, plexiglass, plexiglass G, poly cast, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, polythenlene, PTFE, PVC, rods, Rulon, Ryton, sheets, Teflon, tubes, UHMW, virgin PEEK, virgin PTFE and more.

Advantages Of PET Plastic Machining

Low water absorption
High dimensional stability
Low moisture absorption
Excellent stain resistance
High strength and rigidity
Excellent wear resistance and mechanical strength
Excellent electrical insulating properties
Very strong and lightweight & hence easy and efficient to transport

Applications Of PET Plastic Machining

Distribution Valves
Electrical Insulation
Packaging Material
Pharmaceutical Test Equipment

Applications Of PET Plastic Machining

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