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CNC Machining PVC

PVC CNC Machining Services – PVC Plastic Parts and Products Manufacturer

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a type of engineering plastic that can be produced in a wide variety of forms, PVC plastic is known for its good chemical resistance, electrical insulation, UV resistance, low moisture absorption, and good dimensional strength. At CNCJY, you can order custom PVC plastic products as long as giving us your CAD drawings and requirements. Our PVC CNC machining services are using the latest technology and equipment to work with PVC materials to get close tolerances and excellent surface finish. CNCJY is an experienced and reliable plastic fabrication company that has been specialized in CNC machining of PVC plastics for years, whether you require one single prototype or high-volume orders, the best production solution will be provided for shortening lead times and reducing costs, while keeping the high standard on quality and durability. We can manufacture CNC PVC parts for a diversity of industries and sectors.

Specification of CNC Machining PVC Plastic

With the capabilities of different CNC machining processes, CNCJY can draw on rich experiences to manufacture CNC milling PVC parts and CNC turning PVC parts with custom specifications and premium quality.
Properties Lightweight, durable, abrasion resistant, good insulation, chemical resistance, high rigidity, good tensile strength, low water absorption, corrosion resistance
Applications Housings, bearings, bushings, rollers, handles, isolators, spacers, displays, chemical tanks, pipes, construction
Machining Processes CNC Milling, CNC Turning
Wall Thickness As low as 0.03”, determined by PVC type and ratios of wall thickness to planar dimensions
Maximum Size Determined by machines and complexity of the part
Tolerances As low as 0.010” or determined by the material
Lead Time As fast as 3 days, longer for complex custom parts

PVC Plastic Material Properties

PVC comes in rigid PVC and flexible PVC, used for different applications. CNC PVC machining is typically working with the rigid version of PVC. This material can also be combined with other additions to enhance its qualities for broader uses. PVC is available in multiple colors including white, gray, and clear. PVC plastic is versatile and economical for products used in medical, construction, industrial, electrical, and other industries, if you are looking for low-cost plastic parts with excellent mechanical properties, Polyvinyl chloride is probably a good option for your project.

Density (rigid) Hardness Tensile Strength, Yield Heat Deflection Temperature Elongation at Break
1.3 – 1.45g/cm^3 80 Shore D 45.6 MPa 72.5 110%

Surface Finishes for PVC Parts

PVC plastic material and parts can be treated with some finishing technologies to alter or improve the appearance and performance, For example, painting can increase the aesthetic appeal and raises the durability in outdoor environments of PVC products. And PVC is easily machined to get a smooth surface compared to other materials.
As machined

Is PVC Easy to Machine?

The PVC plastic has excellent machining qualities, it is not easily melted or chipped, and it maintains its dimensions well. PVC is a low-cost material that has excellent impact resistance, can be easily machined, and allows close tolerances without high difficulty. Standard woodworking tools, such as a wood milling machine that doubles as a router, are enough for milling both foamed and hard PVC to a satisfactory level. PVC machining has become a common method for producing CNC machined parts because the material possesses outstanding mechanical qualities and is resistant to the effects of the environment. In addition, PVC can be molded by injection, extruded, or thermoformed.

Why Choose CNCJY PVC CNC Machining Services and Parts

– A wide range of quantities from prototypes to batch productions with reasonable prices

– Custom products with varying sizes from small to large and complexity from simple to intricate

– ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance, exceptional quality inspection, and check services

– Full fabrication services from product design to precision machining to finishing

– Engineering service with the latest software and technical support for each client

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