CNC Machining Case – Switches Lube Station Tester Opener For Cherry Mechanical Keyboard CNC Workbench Test Shaft


The 50 Switches Lube Station Tester Opener is a tool designed specifically for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts to assist in the process of lubricating keyboard switches. Here are some additional details:

  • -Lube Station: The lube station serves as a platform or tray that can hold up to 50 switches. It provides a convenient and organized workspace for lubing switches, preventing any stray lube from creating a mess.
  • -Tester: This tool allows users to test the feel and sound of different lubed switches before installing them into a keyboard. It enables users to compare the performance of switches with various lubricants or lubing techniques to find the desired outcome.
  • -Opener: The opener is a mechanism on the lube station designed to help users access the internal components of the switches easily. It simplifies the process of opening and closing the switches during maintenance or lube application.
  • -CNC Workbench: The lube station is often made with precision CNC machining techniques, ensuring high-quality construction and durability. This workbench design provides stability and reliability during the lubing process.
  • -Test Shaft: The lube station includes a shaft mechanism that allows users to actuate the switches repeatedly, mimicking typing actions. By testing the switches on the shaft, users can get a better sense of the lubed switch’s performance and make any necessary adjustments.
  • -Lubricating Shaft: The switches’ lubricating shafts are conduits to apply lubricant to the switch components effectively. The lube station provides an easy and controlled method for applying lubrication evenly to each switch’s necessary parts, such as the springs and sliders.


  • -Style: Standard
  • -Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys
  • -Application: Desktop, Laptop, Number, Tablet
  • -Type: Wired -Process: The worktable is laser cutting, and the lubricating shaft plate is CNC cutting.