CNC Machining Case – Mechanical Keyboard Custom Tactile Switch Shaft Axis


Mechanical keyboard custom tactile switch shaft axis refers to the components of a mechanical keyboard switch that provide the keypress sensation and feedback. Beyond the popular holy panda keyboard switches and universal axis options such as Cherry, Kailh, and Gateron, there are several other switch options available. Some of these include:

  • -Zealios: Zealios switches, known for their smoothness, have a rounded bump that provides a tactile feel. They come in various weights, from light to heavy, allowing users to choose their preferred actuation force.
  • -BOX Royals: BOX Royals switches offer a sharp tactile bump and a stiff spring for a more pronounced and satisfying keypress. The switch is designed with a sealed stem to enhance durability and prevent dust or debris from affecting performance.
  • -Holy Pandas: Holy pandas are a specific type of keyboard switch that combines the top housing of a Halo switch with the bottom housing of an Invyr Panda switch. They have a pronounced tactile bump and a unique typing experience favored by many enthusiasts.
  • -T1: T1 switches are a popular tactile option known for their smooth operation and noticeable tactile bump near the top of the keypress. They come in different spring weights and provide a satisfying typing experience.
  • -NovelKeys Cream: NovelKeys Cream switches are tactile options with a longer curve before the point of actuation, providing a smooth and satisfying keypress feel. They are known for their silent operation and are often preferred by those looking for a quieter typing experience.


  • -Full-Size keyboard: Yes
  • -Wrist Support: No
  • -Style: Standard, Multimedia, waterproof, Gaming, Mini
  • -Interface Type: USB
  • -Application: Desktop