CNC Machining Case – KASHCY Ergonomic Solid Wood Walnut Wired Mechanical Keyboard

Features & Pros

The KASHCY Ergonomic Solid Wood Walnut Wired Mechanical Keyboard Kit combines the natural beauty of walnut wood with an Alice layout, gasket-mounted switches, hot-swappable switch sockets, and customizable RGB backlighting. This creates a unique and ergonomic typing experience that combines aesthetics, comfort, and flexibility.

  • -The KASHCY Ergonomic Solid Wood Walnut Wired Mechanical Keyboard Kit offers a unique and sophisticated typing experience. Crafted from solid wood walnut, the keyboard kit showcases a natural and elegant aesthetic that adds a touch of luxury to your workspace.
  • -Featuring an Alice layout, this keyboard is ergonomically designed to reduce typing strain and promote a more comfortable typing posture. The curved layout places the keys closer to your fingers, minimizing finger travel distance and minimizing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.
  • -With gasket-mounted switches, the KASHCY keyboard employs a gasket mechanism between the plate and the case, enhancing the typing experience by reducing vibrations and providing a more cushioned and responsive feel with each keystroke. This design choice also improves the overall stability of the keyboard.
  • -The keyboard boasts hot-swappable switch sockets, allowing you to change the switches without the need for soldering. This feature offers seamless customization and allows you to experiment with different switch types to find the perfect fit for your typing preferences.
  • -RGB backlighting adds a dynamic and vibrant element to the KASHCY keyboard. With customizable lighting effects and color options, you can personalize the appearance to suit your mood or aesthetic preferences. This feature also enhances visibility in low-light environments.


  • -Wired Type-C Port
  • -Ergonomic Alice Layout with 66keys
  • -RGB Backlit with SMD LED;
  • -Case Material: Solid -Black Walnut Wood CNC
  • -Plate: FR4
  • -5-pin Hot-Swappable Socket;
  • -Support stabilizer on PCBA
  • -Plate Sound Dampening Foam
  • -Support QMK/VIA
  • -Desktop, Laptop, Tablet