CNC Machining Case – 65% Drop Alt Anodized Keyboard Case

The aluminum alloy keyboard shell, which has been anodized, not only has excellent scratch resistance but also has a variety of colors, improving the artistic beauty of the product. Our drop alt anodized 65% aluminum mechanical keyboard case is popular with young people because of its excellent feel and quality. Compared with ordinary membrane keyboard cases, our 65% CNC aluminum keyboard case has a longer service life, which is about 10-20 years under proper maintenance. This cheap aluminum keyboard case mechanical keyboard is easy to realize the function of full keyboard keys without conflict. Our 65% anodized mechanical keyboard case has high playability.

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Our new line of ALT aluminum casings, available in five distinct finishes, is the result of a return to the tried-and-true CNC milling technology used to create the original ALT. There are matching aluminum magnetic feet included in each case, anodized with a vibrant, non-toxic finish that won’t fade. Complete with case screws, rubber pads, and an anodized aluminum base with two angled feet and four magnets. To make sure your new ALT cover fits your existing Massdrop ALT keyboard, you’ll need to buy a plastic LED diffuser (an optional extra).

About Our Product

-65% Mechanical Keyboard Case
-CNC Anodized Aluminum
-Polished Aluminum Removable Weight
-Compatible DZ60, Face W, GH60

-Standard 65% Standoff Layout