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CNC Machining Case – 60% Customized Aluminum Keyboard Case & Kit OG60

CNCJY offers best custom 60% aluminum keyboard case OG60 at affordable price. OG60 is a retro design and electrostatic coating process. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and processed by CNC machine. The bottom counterweight is made of brass and the surface is sandblasted. It can not only increase the weight of the keyboard, but also be more beautiful. The patterns carved on the weight are those on traditional Chinese furniture. The cloud pattern symbolizes peace and auspiciousness. Shopping online CNC keyboard kit now!


Product Specifications

– Prototype reference: G80-3077SAU, retro design
– Programmable: QMK firmware/VIA support
– Locating plate: PC+FR4
– PCB: flexible cutting, 1.2mm thick
– Layout: WKL/WK/HHKB
– Counterweight: brass, surface sandblasting process
– PCB: hot swap
– Weight: about 1.7kg (shell+counterweight)


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