CNC Machining Case – 2PCS Anodized CNC Aluminum Foot Cone for Custom Mechanical Keyboard Case


2PCS Anodized CNC Aluminum Foot Cones are a functional and visually appealing accessory for custom mechanical keyboard cases, improving ergonomics and stability while adding a sleek aluminum touch to the overall aesthetic of the keyboard setup.

  • -The 2PCS Anodized CNC Aluminum Foot Cones are specifically designed accessories for custom mechanical keyboard cases. They are made from high-quality aluminum material and have undergone an anodization process to enhance durability and provide an attractive finish.
  • -These foot cones serve two primary purposes. Firstly, they elevate the keyboard case, creating a slight tilt that improves ergonomics and typing comfort. This angled position helps to reduce strain on the wrists and promotes a more natural hand position during extended typing sessions.
  • -Secondly, these foot cones offer stability and support to the keyboard case. By attaching them to the case’s bottom corners, they provide a solid base, preventing wobbling or sliding during use, ensuring a secure and enjoyable typing experience.
  • -The CNC machining process used in the production of these foot cones ensures precise dimensions and a high-quality finish. This makes them compatible with a wide range of custom mechanical keyboard cases. They can be easily attached to the case using provided screws or other given attachment mechanisms.


  • -Style: Standard
  • -Operation Style: Mechanical
  • -Keyboard Standard: Mini Keyboard
  • -Application: Desktop
  • -Type: WIRED