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Logitech K380, K480, and K580 Bluetooth Keyboard Comparison – Selection Guide for Bluetooth Keyboard

Choosing a handy Bluetooth keyboard is really important! Logitech K380, K480, and K580 models are the most recommended and common. If you want to connect to a desktop computer for office use while also switching between a computer and a phone, the K580 is the most suitable. If portability is required and mute is required, choose K380. If you have a limited budget, prefer a retro style, prefer a DIY keyboard, prefer a slightly longer key range, and do not have any mute requirements, you can choose the K480. Let’s talk about the user experience and outstanding features of the three keyboards below.



Logitech K380, K480, and K580 Bluetooth Keyboard Comparison

K580: The price is the highest among the three models, and the biggest difference from the other two is:
1. With a numeric keypad,
2. In addition to Bluetooth connection, it also supports UnionPay connection.
3. Only 2 devices can be connected simultaneously.
So its positioning is for business desktops, with square hat keys and gray white and gray black color schemes reflecting its minimalist business sense of regularity. When used in the office, it will not appear abrupt and eye-catching, and the presence of a small keyboard is also very important for professionals who need to handle numbers. It is very thin, but has a certain weight, so it is not suitable for carrying around. The existence of card slots is for mobile phones rather than iPads, designed to facilitate quick task switching and improve office efficiency in work projects. Of course, using it for WeChat chat is also more convenient and low-key than holding a phone. Its feel is similar to that of a laptop keyboard, making typing easy and quiet. Except for its white color, which is not resistant to dirt, I haven’t noticed any shortcomings after using it for 2 weeks. Additionally, two colleagues have already requested a link to place an order. The K580 is not comparable to the other two models, which require a small keyboard and a desktop connection. It is definitely the right choice to buy it


K380 & K480
Let’s talk about the differences between them K380 vs K480 vs K580 first:
1. They are both Bluetooth keyboards, which means that if the desktop computer is not equipped with a Bluetooth receiver, it cannot be used.
2. They all do not have numeric keyboards. If there is a statistical requirement, it would be very troublesome without a keyboard. Of course, if it is not too troublesome, you can also choose to equip a separate keyboard.
3. If needed, they can all be connected to 3 devices (K580 can only connect 2 devices). Their positioning scenarios are all aimed at iPads or mobile phones, with a style that leans towards leisure and entertainment rather than business. In terms of volume, they are all more portable than the K580.


The difference between K380 & K480:
1. Price: Generally, the reputation is better, and the price is also rising rapidly. The prices vary for different colors.
2. Appearance: The 380 model is compact and delicate, with round and cute hat keys. However, the overall lines are simple and not childish. The matte texture, color may be soft or stable, and the elegant and intelligent gray and pink color is just right, making it a must-have. In addition, due to its popularity, this model is also the most co branded and will always hit your IP. The volume of the 480 is one circle larger than that of the 380, with card slots, circular gear shift turntables, and a white vintage that pierces my heart. The 480 keyboard is still the most suitable for DIY among these three keyboards, and you can easily search online to see many cartoon designs.
3. Portability: Due to its card slot, the 480 is designed to be really heavy, almost twice as heavy as the 380, in order to hold down the weight of the devices inside the card slot and maintain stability. In terms of portability, it is inferior to the 380; When I bought 380, I gave it a storage bag as a gift, so I can carry it with me without any pressure.
4. Touch: It should also be the most concerned factor for everyone. Touch varies from person to person, and some people like the feedback and elasticity of mechanical keyboards on their fingertips, but they must accept the sound they emit. Some people like the silence of thin film keyboards, but they also have to give up the mechanical pleasure. If you have high requirements for tactile feel and happen to like the crisp sound of mechanical keyboards, then neither of these keyboards may be able to meet your needs. But if you don’t have high requirements for tactile feel, then it depends on whether you have mute requirements. If so, choose 380 decisively. It is similar to a laptop keyboard in tactile feel, with short key range and no lag, but it still requires slightly more force than 580, and long-term input can cause fatigue; If there is no requirement for mute, or if you prefer to make a clicking sound while typing, and can ensure that it does not disturb your roommates or family, then 480 is also good.

In fact, objectively speaking, although the above two models have different price positioning and unique appearance, as entertainment portable Bluetooth keyboards, the K380 still clearly wins.

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